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Shorecrest Middle School held its annual Middle School Awards Assembly in the Janet Root Theatre on May 18, 2023. Awards were presented for academic achievement, Citizen of the Year, Spark Awards in each grade level, as well as the Harold Bruggeman Award, among others. 

Photos from the day may be found here.
A video of the awards ceremony is here. The password is Chargers.

To start the event, Coach Raab presented the Harold Bruggeman Award to 
Bryce O ‘29.

Then Performing Arts Awards were presented by Mr. B. and Mrs. Stephanie McCarthy, who also inducted a group of Jr. Thespians into International Thespian Society.

Jr. Thespians Awards 

Sixth Grade 
Zoe E ‘29
Tyler F ‘29
Skye H ‘29
Grace K ‘29
Alexander L ‘29
Harper M ‘29
Birkin S ‘29

Seventh Grade
Sofia A ‘28
Gina B ‘28
Avril C ‘28
Maddison C ‘28
Annabel D ‘28
Bianco F ‘28
Sara F ‘28
Cate F ‘28
Alexander J ‘28
Daniel K ‘28
Ella M ‘28
Zoe N ‘28
Yashwaant R ‘28
Kurt S ‘28

Eighth Grade 
Sophie C ‘27
Daniel C ‘27
Summer F ‘27
Charles H ‘27
Hope K ‘27
Sofia L ‘27
Ada M ‘27
Camilla S ‘27
Paul S ‘27

Forensics Speech & Debate Awards
Charles H ‘27
Grayson M ‘27
Rishi P ‘27
Austin S ‘27

World Language Awards were presented for The National French Contest, or “Le Grand Concours,” an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. 

This year 5 students received medals:
Bronze Awards
Claire C ‘28
Isabella J ‘27

Gold Awards
Sophia C ‘28
Lili F ‘27
Hope K ‘27
Those who competed at the county level in the National History Day Fair were recognized by Mr. Hodgson. Four students who advanced to the State Fair received copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution:

Drew E ‘28 and Evelyn G ‘28 for their Group Documentary “Amelia Earhart: Piloting Women’s History”

Alex J ‘28 for his Individual Performance “A Fight for Freedom”

Polina C ‘28 for her Individual Documentary “Anna May Wong: The First Asian American to Rock the Silver Screen”

Robotics presented a new Longevity Award to Will F ‘27 and Christopher E ‘27.

Head of Middle School, Ms. Kris Grant, handed out Academic Honors Awards for students whose grades were all As in 1, 2 or 3 trimesters. 

1 Trimester of straight As
Sixth Grade 
Elijah A ‘29
Charles D ‘29
Miles H ‘29
Ram K ‘29
Michael L ‘29
Alexander L ‘29
Arianna L ‘29
Faylynn M ‘29
Sachin N ‘29
Hunter N ‘29
Frayda P ‘29
Catherine R ‘29
Emily S ‘29
Dov S ‘29
Alexis S ‘29
Nikolaos T ‘29
Isabella W ‘29

Seventh Grade 
Sofia A ‘28
Natalia D ‘28
Keira G ‘28
Dash J ‘28
Maggie M ‘28
Hazel N ‘28
Trey R ‘28

Eighth Grade
Victor C ‘27
Summer F ‘27
Will F ‘27
Morgan H ‘27
Dylan H ‘27
Ryan J ‘27
Jayden P ‘27
Camilla S ‘27
Paul S ‘27
Sophia T ‘27

2 Trimesters of straight As
Sixth Grade
Silvia B ‘29
Holden F ‘29
Adam F ‘29
Dale K ‘29
Christopher L ‘29
Harper M ‘29
Amelia N ‘29
Alexis T ‘29

Seventh Grade
Emma B ‘28
John (Bishop) D ‘28
Drew E ‘28
Sara F ‘28
Kyle G ‘28
Leonardo H ‘28

Eighth Grade
Elizabeth B ‘27
Ryan F ‘27
Anne G ‘27
Charles H ‘27
Diana M ‘27
Rishi P ‘27
Aadi P ‘27
Ana V ‘27
Indiana W ‘27
3 Trimesters of straight As
Sixth Grade 
Paige C ‘29
James D ‘29
Zoe E ‘29
Tyler F ‘29
Elliot G ‘29
Bennett L ‘29
David M ‘29
Isabella N ‘29
Andres N ‘29
Bryce O ‘29
Nicholas R ‘29
Birkin S ‘29
Jensen T ‘29
John V ‘29
Temani W ‘29
Hayden Z ‘29

Seventh Grade 
Lola B ‘28
Bear B ‘28
Sofia C ‘28
Claire C ‘28
Katherine C ‘28
Polina C ‘28
Sonny D ‘28
Noah E ‘28
Cate F ‘28
Evelyn G ‘28
Alexander J ‘28
Allison K ‘28
Benjamin M ‘28
Kiera N ‘28
Lucille P ‘28
Yashwaant R ‘28
Enzo R ‘28
Logan S ‘28
Neel S ‘28
Milan S ‘28
Jackson S ‘28
Jameson V ‘28

Eighth Grade 
Sophie C ‘27
Lilianna F ‘27
Frances H ‘27
Isabella J ‘27
Hope K ‘27
Chilok M ‘27

Head of School, Nancy Spencer, announced the Citizen of the Year Awards:
Fifth Grade: Taylor H ‘30 
Sixth Grade: Valeska T ‘29  
Seventh Grade: Bianca F ‘28 
Eighth Grade: Ana V ‘27
And finally student who bring their own unique Spark to the grade were presented with Spark Awards:
Fifth Grade: Shea M ‘30
Sixth Grade: Arianna L ‘29
Seventh Grade: Jordan B ‘28
Eighth Grade: Christopher E ‘27

Additional athletic awards for spring sports may be found here.


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