A Small Part of the World [Video]

by: Roberto Burón, LS Music Teacher and Michele Johnson, Second Grade Teacher
Shorecrest second graders took audiences on a wonderful journey around the world through a universal language: music.

Over the past few months, second graders have been exploring the globe to learn what life is like in other parts of the world. They began by learning about various holidays celebrated around the world, selecting a holiday of interest, creating a slideshow presentation full of facts about how and why people celebrate, and teaching parents and peers about their holiday. The Upper School’s Jewish Student Union gave a lesson on how to play dreidel, a Chanukah game. 

After winter break, students dove into learning about the seven continents. Through mapping and creating globes, they developed a stronger sense of the size and location of each continent, as well as their geographical location in relation to other parts of the world. Together, they focused on geographical features, landmarks, food, schools, sports, arts and culture, traditions and more. Then, they selected a country of their choice and used books, maps, the internet, and guest experts to learn about life in that part of the world. For the teachers, this time of year is both rewarding and exciting - the students are passionate learners, and have become incredibly independent compared to August!

Now, their exciting journey has reached its final destination - the musical program, "A Small Part of the World" performed on Thursday for their peers and on Friday for families.

Through song, dance, and musical instruments, the Chargers presented every continent and shined on stage sharing interdisciplinary insights from Music, World Languages, Art, Technology and classroom units.

“This entire project has been fun and meaningful and has highlighted how big and small our shared world is!” said Lower School Music Teacher Roberto Buron. 


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