JK Soars in Rainbow Luna Forest

by: Brenda Rosas, ES Teacher
JK students in Mrs. Rosas’ class expressed an interest early in the year in dinosaurs and fantastical creatures such as unicorns and fairies. The children have set up the loft as an enchanted forest and named it Rainbow Luna Forest.

To kick off this project the children drew a blueprint including drawings of all the materials and toys needed. Some children even wrote labels to help identify their wishlist items. 
Once they were satisfied with their blueprint, the class made a development plan. They worked together to gather materials and distribute responsibilities. As the children saw the loft transform, their excitement grew! “I can’t wait to play in our enchanted forest,” said Piper. 
This week, JK parent and Upper School Art Teacher Casey McDonough and his wife Laura volunteered to create fairy wings with the young Chargers. Each child got a set of vellum and wood wings. Laura invited them to choose markers, feathers, gems, and pompoms. The children excitedly added details to their wings. Once they were satisfied, Casey attached bells to their wings! 
“I think they are going to glow in the dark,” mentioned Georgia. 
“I think they are going to sparkle,” shared Lumen. 
“I can put these on and fly,” stated Mila. 
The children have been over the moon playing with their wings in their Rainbow Luna Forest!


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