Guests in the Peck Center for Medical Sciences

by: Lisa Peck, Director of The Peck Center for Medical Sciences
Shorecrest Upper School students taking Anatomy and Intro to Medical Sciences have been learning about the skeletal system. They have been able to look at many skeletal models and compare them to the real human skeleton in Mrs. Peck's classroom (nicknamed Mr. Seymour Bones).

Dr. Mitchell Miller, an ENT and Samantha's dad, shared a human stapes (AKA the stirrup, one of the 3 bones in the ear) the smallest bone in the human body. Mrs. Peck and the students were amazed by how small it was!

Friday morning Dr. Dmitry Baschinsky, a pathologist and Max's dad, visited the Peck Center for Medical Sciences. He can also be considered a "medical detective." He works with tissues and fluids removed from a patient to determine if they have cancer or another possible disease. He spoke to over 50 Shorecrest students including Pre-Med Club members and students taking Anatomy and Intro to Medical Science. 

More photos here.


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