by: Athletics Department
The Athletics Department has implemented a Lost & Found system for items found in the MS & US athletic locker rooms. Lost & Found boxes have been placed in each of the 4 lockers rooms. On the 1st and 15th of every month, the athletics department office will go through each box to sort the items in the following way:
  • Items CLEARLY marked with a student's FULL NAME will be returned to the item's owner.  When labeling items, please use a permanent marker or a sewn in label.
    • Shirts - label on the inside neckline where the tag normally resides
    • Pants/Shorts - label on the inside where the tag normally resides (middle back)
    • Water bottles & misc items - name written in permanent marker somewhere on the item
  • Items that are NOT labeled with a student's name
    • Uniform items will be donated to the Shorecrest Used Uniform Sale
    • Miscellaneous clothing items, water bottles, shoes, etc. will be stored until the end of the semester. During exam week, we will invite parents/guardians & students at an announced date/time to look through and claim lost miscellaneous items. Those items that aren't claimed after this date will be donated to a local charity.
Please instruct your student to check the Lost & Found boxes on an ongoing basis recognizing that the boxes will be emptied and sorted through 2 times during each month.


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