Baila Baila Latin America

by: Emili Jaime-Allwood, Lower School Spanish Teacher
First and second graders performed a project share for their inquiry "Baila Baila Latin America!" In this unit the Chargers studied different countries from Latin America including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil.
They learned facts about these countries and study the rhythms from each country. The students performed dances for all Lower School classes and shared in Spanish and English the facts they learn about these countries.

"It was incredible to see the first and second graders so dedicated to the project and learning in such an authentic, cultural way!" shared their teacher, Sra. Emili Jaime-Allwood. "It has been proven that neurologically dancing makes people happier - makes them feel confident. I completely saw my first and second graders being so engaged in all the information they were sharing with their community. While dancing, hundreds of muscles are exercising and the brain is working as well! The brain is memorizing and following choreography. I completely believe that dancing transports my students in a way they can feel. It was a trip of 50 minutes dancing through Latin America! Bravo first and second grade!"

See video clips and photos from the fun performances here.


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