The Eyes Have It in First Grade

by: First Grade Team
First graders are learning so much about the Human Body during their project work. Last week they learned all about eyes! The students learned all about the inner workings of those beautiful windows to the soul from diagrams to videos, songs to books, experiments to journal writing. The children learned about the rods - the parts of the eye that perceive black, white, gray, and shapes; and the cones - which are the parts that perceive colors.

Students asked and answered questions every day with hands-on experiential activities. They used mirrors and lights to explore the outer parts of the eye and talked about what they notice about them. They learned about what's inside the eye and how each part has a specific and important job to do. They practiced games that trick the eyes and were excited to see how they worked. 

As usual, the best parts were learning from guest experts! They watched a fantastically fun video from Shorecrest parent Dr. Mohadjer, an Ophthalmologist. She and first grader Austin talked first graders through a really cool model of an eye in a thoughtful, playful way. Upper School science teacher Mrs. Peck dissected a cow's eye with the children. Thank you so  much for learning with our class!


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