Shorecrest Performing Arts presents "Our Town"

by: Cheryl Lee, Director of Performing Arts
Shorecrest Performing Arts entertained audiences with two sold-out, live performances of "Our Town," October 23 & 24. Performances were outdoors on the Greenspace adjacent to Shorecrest’s Charger Commons.

Stagecraft classes built the multi-level, temporary stage and Theatre Technology students produced lighting and sound effects. Audience members were socially distanced from other families and the performers in zones beautifully marked by hanging lanterns.

A copy of the show's program may be found here.
It was a great opportunity to cheer on the talented thespians as they took to the stage once again for a live performance!

"Over the summer, the theatre department began brainstorming on how they could hold a performance under COVID restrictions. Probably the largest restriction was that they had to do theatre without a theatre! They knew that they couldn’t use the Janet Root Theatre for performances, which immediately meant that there would be a litany of other obstacles (moving sets, backstage costume changes, etc.)" explained Don Paige, Head of Upper School.

He continued, "All we gave Bill [Leavengood '78, Director], Cheryl [Lee, Chair of Performing Arts], and Brad [Miller, Theatre Manager] was an open field and a beautiful tree to use as a background. They turned that field into a New Hampshire hillside where we watched the lives of the residents of Grover’s Corners play out in the moonlight. They coached our talented actors to use their arms, their hands, and their eyes to convey emotions [while wearing facial masks] that normally would project through facial expressions. ... Without hyperbole I can say that what they accomplished out there on the field was nothing short than a feat of magic."


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