Shorecrest Cleaning / Disinfecting Protocols

by: Rachel Barrett, Director of Marketing and Communications
With school in full swing and the new campus health and safety protocols becoming commonplace, below are a few reminders and notices for families from the Shorecrest Maintenance and Housekeeping teams:

Cleaning Product Safety
Shorecrest uses Vital Oxide cleaning solution, an EPA approved product for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), to disinfect surfaces. It is both sprayed and fogged. 

Vital Oxide has a HMIS Health Hazard Rating of 0 across all categories and requires no protective equipment for use; it has an EPA Toxicity Rating of IV, the lowest category possible, making it among the least hazardous. 

Potential for Discoloration of Fabric
The main ingredient in the solution is Chlorine Dioxide, which can cause discoloration of some fabrics if fabric comes in contact with a wet surface. Faculty, staff and students are asked to please check surfaces to ensure they are dry before sitting on or leaning against tables, chairs and other shared surfaces. To maintain the health and safety of the community, all shared surfaces and spaces are disinfected between groups, some by students themselves, others by the housekeeping team. The disinfectant must be allowed a minimum 10-minute dwell time before wiping or drying in order to effectively combat the virus. To avoid buildup of the product, which can also lead to discoloration of clothing, the housekeeping staff is cleaning with an additional solution each day to remove buildup before disinfecting at the end of the day. 

Student Involvement in School Day Cleaning 
Experiential School surfaces are cleaned by teachers after each use. Lower School desks/tables/chairs are wiped down by students under teacher supervision; Middle and Upper School students wipe down surfaces themselves after use. 

Thank you to our faculty, staff, students and families for your continued efforts to keep campus clean, safe and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CFO Lisa Wylie at


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