Stretchy Brains in First Grade

by: Nicole Carson, First Grade Teacher
In first grade inquiry, students learned all about having a growth mindset. They read the book “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It” by JoAnn Deak. 

First graders then made their own super stretchy "brain slime" to remind themselves to stre-e-e-tch their brains and try new things this year at school. The students brainstormed ways to do that. Teachers want the students to be OK with making mistakes, working hard, and giving and getting productive feedback. 

Humans are naturally curious! Children thrive on following their curiosity and learn from their experiences. This experiential learning is inquiry-based and is beneficial to students. Gone are the days of simply listening to a teacher and doing what is assigned. In first grade classrooms at Shorecrest, the children will be immersed in their learning by asking questions and participating in activities in which they will be actively engaged. This allows brains to connect with the material, better understand it and better remember it. Learning is an ongoing journey, with questions around every new corner just waiting to be answered in 100 different ways.

Learning about brains is just the start of a much greater unit of study! First graders will continue to learn about human bodies all year long.

Find more brain slime photos here.


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