Becky's Lovingly Remembered Shorecrest Outdoor School Experience

by: Preserve the 'Burg Newsletter, August 2020
In response to Preserve the 'Burg's request last week for folks to share some of their early 'Burg experiences, we heard from PTB member Becky Day Wilson, whose roots in St. Petersburg extend back to the early 1900's. She sent several pictures of early times, one of which inspired our research into the Shorecrest Outdoor School.
In 1953, with her older brother and sister in school at North Shore Elementary, little Becky Day, so the story goes, was bored. Her mother was happy to have her gone from the house, but being too young for public school, Becky was off to begin her pre-primary education (aka kindergarten) at Shorecrest Outdoor School.

Becky writes, "I attended Shorecrest in 1953-1955. My memories are mostly of the picture postcard type... small and not much of a story line. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Graves. The Head of School was Mrs. Haskell. My crush was named Tommy. We were served chicken noodle soup in glasses. The big deal for the year was dancing the Maypole. At second grade, the public schools (North Ward Elementary, actually the oldest school in St. Petersburg and one my mom and daughter attended, too) had to take me so that was the end of my private school experience."

Although her memories suffer the dimness of time, the photo, which shows Becky front row far right with her first grade classmates in 1955, clearly illustrates the school's unique environment, with the old school building in the background, the above referenced long tables, and the ubiquitous hex stones and granite curbing. Becky, thanks for sharing your special part of St. Pete!


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