Yearbook Photo Days Approaching!

by: Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor
Picture days are coming soon! Everyone has a photo taken so they may be featured in the "Crestviews" yearbook. Families also have the opportunity to purchase photos. Click here for an order form.

Photo Dates:
Wednesday, September 2: ES, LS
Thursday, September 3: MS, US
Wednesday, September 30: Picture Retake Day

Yearbook photos will be taken in the Rec Gym, a large space where students can socially distance. Students will enter from the Athletic Center Lobby and exit from the side door leading directly outdoors. There will be a staging area in the lobby, a waiting area in the Rec Gym for before photos, and another waiting area for after the photos. Socially distanced spaces for students to stand on during the brief downtime will be marked with X's. 

Yearbook photos will be taken by cohort (individual classes or advisories). Barcode labels will be distributed to the teachers/advisors in advance of photo day - to be placed on student order forms or a blank piece of paper if a student / teacher is not ordering a package. This eliminates the need for a check-in table for students on photo day. Students will proceed directly to the photo setup.

There will not be outside volunteers. Members of the Shorecrest staff, all of whom complete a daily attestation of health, will assist during the day using all the appropriate safety protocols including masks, frequent handwashing/sanitizing, and social distancing. 
Students will be temporarily unmasked, one at a time, when it is time for their individual photo. 

For A, JK, K and Grade 1 students, the classroom teacher will help the students remove their masks as needed when it is the appropriate time. The teacher will sanitize their hands before and after touching the mask loops.

Students in grades 2-11 will remove their mask themselves and hold their mask during the photo. Students will sanitize their hands before removing their mask and after they put it back on.

Basic hair / clothing checks will be done by the teacher or a Shorecrest staff member to keep closer contact contained to the specific classroom. Single use combs will be available as needed.

Photographs will be taken contact-free with a setup by doing a standing pose, eliminating any potentially shared surfaces. The standing pose will not be detectable as being different from a regular seated pose.  

After an individual photograph is taken, the unmasked student will sanitize their hands and replace their mask before moving to the staging area until the entire cohort is completed.  

Students who are enrolled in Flexible Learning have 3 options to participate in Yearbook photos:

Option 1
  • The yearbook photographer will be available from 4-6pm on Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 3 in the JRT Lobby to take photos after hours of Flexible Learning students. 
  • There will be 5 minute time slots. Please register with Sign-Up Genius for a time slot.
  • Students must sign up in advance to have their picture taken in the afternoon.
  • If all time slots are filled, please email Julie Meyer ( and she will create a waitlist and determine if there is a need to add another photo day.
  • The student will wait outside the Lower Lobby doors (near Pratt carline) until it is their turn. 
  • Masks will be required to enter the building. The student may remove the mask briefly for the photograph, once crossing the appropriate marked boundary. 
  • Students will enter with their picture form. Barcodes will be laid out on a table for the student to attach to their form or a blank paper if the student is not ordering a package. A parent / guardian may escort the student to help with the barcode, hair and clothing adjustments.
  • Photographs will be taken contact free with a setup by doing a standing pose, eliminating any potential shared surfaces. The standing pose will not be detectable as being different from a regular seated pose.  
  • Students will exit out the front theatre doors (facing the center of campus). 

Option 2
  • Families may supply a headshot of the student. 
  • The photo must be at least 1200 x 1800 pixels.
  • The photo must be a vertical headshot in front of a solid white background.
  • Students in Alpha - eighth grade must be in their Shorecrest uniform
  • We will make every effort to unify the photographs to the photographs taken by Artisan Photography
  • Photographs must be submitted by October 1, 2020
Option 3
Students who choose not to have a photograph taken by Artisan Photography and do not submit a photograph, will be featured in the yearbook by name only.


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