Contributing Chargers: Lila and Brenton Ross

by: Olivia Segalman, Advancement Associate
Contributing Chargers are those members who have provided the Shorecrest community with their time, talent and/or financial support through Two Funds. One Mission

Lila and Brenton Ross, parents of Experiential and Lower School students, are grateful for Shorecrest and that their children love learning much as they do! The Ross family contributes to Two Funds. One Mission. because last year their family discovered one of their own required medical treatment. The families and volunteers of Shorecrest jumped in to help alleviate day-to-day needs without the Ross family asking. They experienced firsthand that Shorecrest is more than a school, it is a family, and they want to give back and support the people and children who make up the Shorecrest community.

“We support Two Funds. One Mission. because last year the community that supported us the most, outside of our family, going through the scariest time of our lives, was Shorecrest. No questions asked, no demands made; parents, friends, staff and teachers known and unknown rallied and embraced us providing meals, childcare and love. We were so deeply touched and will be forever grateful. The best way we feel to repay such heartfelt kindness is to show the same compassion and support. This is what a community should be."

They continue, "Even if we had not had this experience, our kids remind us of the value of Shorecrest. I asked our kids to write what they were grateful for as part of a morning gratitude practice. Unprompted our daughter listed Shorecrest and education. Not many 8-year-olds are grateful for school. Shorecrest is such a unique environment and we will continue to support it.”

Shorecrest Cares is a quiet, behind-the-scenes group of Shorecrest Community Association volunteers who makes a big impact when the Shorecrest community needs it most. The committee supported the Ross family during a difficult situation allowing them to focus solely on family. The service from Shorecrest Cares, along with hundreds of other acts of kindness made by Chargers and their families, show that community and family can merge and exemplify that we are a giving school. Learn more about Shorecrest Cares at:

Financial support is just one way that our families contribute to Shorecrest. This is a pivotal year to sustain the Annual Fund and finish Transform. When we make a gift to Shorecrest, we are really just giving to each other. Visit to join our growing group of supporters.


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