Contributing Chargers: Mantooth Siblings

by: Olivia Segalman, Advancement Associate
Over the course of the year we will highlight some of our Contributing Chargers, those members who have provided the Shorecrest community with their time, talent and/or financial support through Two Funds. One Mission. 

Today’s Contributing Chargers are the Mantooth siblings. Beth Mantooth, Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant and former Experiential School Teacher, believes in helping her children find organizations where their own savings and belongings can make a real difference in the lives of others. By giving of themselves, they can experience the joy of helping others. And hopefully, that experience makes them lifelong givers. Brailee '29 and Rigsby '31 Mantooth chose to give to Transform so they could be a part of the completion of our new space so their specials teachers will have beautiful spaces in which to teach them. 
“It has always been important for me as a mother to teach my children to be financially sound. Since each of them were 3 years old, they were given a ‘Moon Jar’ for placing their weekly allowance,” Beth explained. “The jar is divided into three important categories of Save, Share, and Spend. Often times we focus on children collecting their monies to go shopping for toys, but I wanted to instill in them a much bigger picture of saving and sharing as well. We discuss saving money as a family so they can become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of a future emergency. We have also had many conversations about the gift of sharing your money to non-profit organizations so they can be thoughtful and giving people."

“Recently, when their Moon Jars were full, we started a family discussion about giving. We talked about the different types of organizations I support philanthropically and asked if any of those felt like something meaningful to them. One of my kiddos is an animal lover and is constantly begging for a snake, parrot, or dog. It was a given that he would choose the SPCA as his choice for giving his share money. My other two children decided to give back to their school.

“They have watched the construction over the past few years. They now see the amazing difference our new building, Charger Commons, has made for them and their friends. They truly love the new playground and greenspace for running and kicking a ball. However, with all the greatness our almost complete campus possesses, they realize there is even more to come! They chose to give to Transform so they could be a part of the completion of our new space,” Beth shared. 

Every gift – whether small or large – helps Shorecrest to fulfill its mission. 

Financial support is just one way that our families contribute to Shorecrest. This is a pivotal year to sustain the Annual Fund and finish Transform. When we make a gift to Shorecrest, we are really just giving to each other. Visit to join our growing group of supporters.


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