UPPER SCHOOL 2019 AWARDS CEREMONY, Valedictorian Announced

by: Debe Shenkman, Manager of Events
The Upper School hosted the 2019 Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 25th in the Janet Root Theatre.  This was a special time to honor many different achievements.  We congratulate all of our students for a very successful school year and give special commendations to those students to whom an award was presented.

Christopher Canizares ‘19

Karlei Kongsiri ‘19

Faculty Service Awards
David Hyink – 40 years of service
Joanne Minke – 40 years of service

Elizabeth Samuelson Community Spirit Award
Dr. Anna Baralt

Community Awards and Recognition
The Anne Frank Humanitarian Award – Kira Held ‘20
The Kevin Kay Memorial Award – Keaton Pope ‘20
The Kyle Bastas Memorial Award – Dominic Hoefer ‘19
Senior Service Awards – Angel Cherman ’19 and Bruno Rocha ‘19

University and College Book Awards
Dartmouth College – Aliyah Samuelson ‘20
Mount Holyoke College – Annabel Happ ‘20
Princeton University – Cecilia Garcia ‘20
Smith College – Taylor Andrews ‘20
The George Washington University – Matt Danielson ‘20
Tulane University – Kyle Levine ‘20
University of Chicago – Misha Muskepo ‘20
University of Virginia – Will Hodgson ‘20
Wellesley College – Zuri Patel ‘20

Bruce Haskell Spirit Award – Mary Lewis Tunno ‘20

Carleen Haskell Hodgdon Scholarship Service Award – Annabel Happ ‘20

Arts and Humanities Awards
Aspiring Visual Arts Award – Heidi Hicks ‘21
John Philip Sousa Award – Erin Wilson ‘20
Mary B.  Christian Award for Sustained Achievement – Senna Prasatthong-osoth ‘19
Chris Borges Award for Outstanding Participation in the Arts – Reilly O’Neill ‘20
Janet Root Rising Star Award – Evan Hoefer ’21, Cian McCarthy ’22, Shannon Ross '21, Julia Marquis ‘21

Departmental Awards
University of the South, Sewanee Book Award – Sarina Sptaru ‘20
Outstanding Achievement in English Award – Jake Freedman ‘19
Excellence in Mathematics Award – Randolph Ayers ‘19
Excellence in Science Award – Graham Heckert ’19
Excellence in Computer Studies Award – Preston Goren ‘19
Bradford Moore Award of Excellence in Social Studies – Olivia Olson ‘19
American Psychological Association Excellence in Psychology – Hailey Schoenberger ‘19

World Languages Department
Guillemette Laitier Prix d’Honneur (French) – Ryan Healy ‘20
Maria Evora Premio Sobresaliente (Spanish) – Andrew Newman ‘20

Outstanding Citizens by Class
John Elwyn ‘22
Stella Pagano ‘22
Evan Hoefer ‘21
Shaherzad Chawdree ‘21
Jacob Channer ‘20
Sarina Sptaru ‘20
Walker Willis ‘19
Lily Schneider ‘19

Top Scholars by Class
Stella Pagano ‘22
Shaherzad Chawdree ‘21
Aliyah Samuelson ‘20
Jake Freedman ‘19

Cum Laude Society, Class of 2019
Trevor Bernstein
Christopher Canizares
Sophie Elwyn
Taylor Emerson
Jake Freedman
Will Hess
Dominic Hoefer
Karlei Kongsiri
Sarah Miller
William Newton
Olivia Olson
Aidan Samuelson
Jordan Tralins
Walker Willis
Faculty Members – Dr. Lisa Bianco and Mr. David Hyink

Nominees for the Fran Risser Outstanding Female Athlete (to be announced at Charger Hall of Fame Awards)
Ashlee Burkett ‘19
Renice Dacres ‘19
Sophie Elwyn ‘19
Elizabeth Shanahan ‘19
Jacqueline St. Cin ‘19

Nominees for the Coach Hayford Outstanding Male Athlete (to be announced at Charger Hall of Fame Awards)
Ben Berner ‘19
Trevor Bernstein ‘19
Jake Freedman ‘19
Caleb Kravitz ‘20
Omarhiyon Malcolm ‘20
Logan Stenger ‘19

View photos from the awards ceremony here thanks to parent volunteer Erin Ross.


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