Tips & Tricks from College Counseling [video]

by: Tiffany Blessing, Director of College Counseling
On Friday, October 9, Shorecrest parents/guardians and friends gathered for a Lunch and Learn with the Shorecrest Community Association (SCA). SCA’s October speaker was Tiffany Blessing, Director of College Counseling at Shorecrest, who offered some college prep tips and tricks for parents of students of all ages.

Tiffany's overarching message to families was that it’s never too early to start the
conversation about college. The top three takeaways were:
  1. Don’t take someone else’s Rx - the college placement plan that may have worked for you, for your older child, or for your child’s classmate may not work for another student. The College Counseling Team at Shorecrest has a deliberate, thoughtful and individualized approach to working with students. Each student’s journey will look different because each student is different.
  2. Sleep/Unplug for College Success - as students move into Middle School their workload gets heavier, they’re more involved in after school activities, and their social lives expand. Even so, sleep and taking time-outs from technology will pay more dividends in the long run than excessively bulking up that list of extracurriculars.
  3. Remember the Why’s - when your young child shows interest in something, ask him why and nurture that curiosity. When your older child makes the choice to continue or stop participating in an activity, ask her why. Encourage curiosity at all ages, but get to the root of a perceived passion. If it’s not for the love of the game, it won’t translate on a college application.
A condensed version of Tiffany’s presentation is available here: Tips & Tricks from Both Sides of the Desk.

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